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How would you like to start your Ubuntu 14.04 LTS shell?

What is this thing?

This is a Ubuntu Server hosted free of charge in a hope to help developers learn more about Linux and its commands.

How is it possible to connect to that server?

We use SSH (Secure Shell) to connect you remotely to the server. This way you will be able to process commands on the server on your PC remotely through the internet, by clicking on Login to shell button above, you will be redirected to the web shell where you can start processing commands on the server.

Is there another way to connect to this server instead of visiting the web shell (

Yes, you may use any other SSH client to connect to the server. We recommend Bitvise SSH Client but you may as well use your favorite client.

A desktop is available for graphics lovers!

Feel free to access your personal desktop by starting VNC server! Learn more about setting up VNC server here.

You don't pay for this, because it's free!

Have fun executing commands as a real Linux user on a real Linux machine for free! If you do face any problem or would like to suggest a specific function don't hesitate to submit a ticket here about the issue you are experiencing. You may also feel free to visit the community!

I would like to run a specific command on this server but I don't have root permissions.

Please type the root command you'd like to execute here and we will run it for you, it might take sometime to process it however. Please login to receive the output of the command.