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Linux Shell


Linux Shell is an online Linux shell access which aims to provide developers and students with the environment required to test and develop their projects. This service is provided free of charge intended for educational purposes only, and not to be used in commercial or personal uses; accounts that are detected abusing the service will be immediately terminated without notice.


Linux Shell comes with a set of restrictions to prevent system abuse without affecting productivity; this includes the following types of abuse:

  • Network abuse such as network flooding, whether incoming or outgoing.

    This kind of abuse is prevented by limiting the amount of UDP/TCP connections from or to a specific host per second; in special cases, if the network flooding is being initiated by one of Linux Shell's servers, a monitor is started which memorizes a list of active processes and their initiators. The account initiated the process participating in abuse is then immediately terminated and personal information might be collected about this account.

  • System abuse such as fork bombing, CPU or memory abuse.

    This happens when the user intentionally starts to exhaust the system resources. This is automatically resolved when the system detects such behavior resulting in an immediate termination of the user's session; a message is then sent to the user informing them about the abuse. If the user continues to participate in such behaviors, the user's account becomes suspended and then terminated after a specific period of time passes.

  • General abuse

    This includes other forms of intended abuse such as running blacklisted applications or participating in illegal activity. This is handled by the system monitor where the system monitors the processes running and automatically terminates the blacklisted applications. The user may or may not be notified about the abuse. If the user is notified, and if the user continues participating in such behaviors, the user's account becomes suspended and then terminated after a specific period of time passes.


Linux Shell restricts a list of applications and services to protect the main server's reputation and to prevent possible abuse. This includes the following types of software:

  • Services or software that can harm servers reputation

    This includes applications which can affect the reputation of the main Linux Shell server and in some cases can result in blacklisting the IP address of the main server; such as proxy software, botnets and spambots. For this reason, sending emails from Linux Shell to external servers is prohibited.

  • Software that exploits the server or can be used in commercial purposes

    This includes applications which use Linux Shell as a server to achieve a specific task, especially in personal uses; such as IRC servers, IRC bouncers, torrent clients, game servers and bitcoin miners.

  • Software that violate the law

    This includes applications which assist in flooding or attacking other servers. If a user attempts to execute such applications, the user account is immediately terminated and personal information about the user might be gathered.


In some cases, personal information may be collected about the user. This information is only collected when the user abuses the system, and can be shared with other third parties to comply with the law. This information includes the username, e-mail address and the user's IP address. In case of continuous abuse, the user's internet service provider will be blocked from accessing Linux Shell.


Linux Shell is and will always be provided free of charge in a hope to assist developers. Contributions to this project are always welcome and can be made by participating in the community or donating to Picrofo Software. In case you encounter any issue, please feel free to contact support.