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Restoring a system file using the Windows CD/DVDArticle ID: 27



Manually restoring a system file using the Windows CD/DVD

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  1. Insert your Windows CD/DVD
  2. Navigate to the following folder
    DRIVE:\I386\ replacing DRIVE: with your CD/DVD drive letter
  3. Right-click the missing files and select Copy. Note that the files extensions might not be the same because they still need to be expanded
  4. Go to a random directory, right-click an empty space and select Paste to put them there. Put the files somewhere but not in the system directory (Put them in C:\ for example)
  5. Open Command Prompt and insert the following into the black window: expand -r {FILENAME} where {FILENAME} represent the files you copied from the CD/DVD.
  6. Go to the folder where you put the files and copy the expanded versions, they will appear with their real extensions now.
  7. Copy the expanded files to their corresponding folders (Usually C:\WINDOWS\System32 or %SystemRoot%\System32\)

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